UFO Sighting in Santa Barbara, California on October 28th 2014 – pulsating light that was going across the sky but descending slightly

While walking my dog at night, my wife and I noticed a dimly lit object going across the sky towards the moon (the object was left of the moon) for approximately 6 seconds, and as it was going across the sky it began to descend at a slight angle kinda of like a shooting star. At first we thought it was a helicopter because we live close to Cottage Hospital, and they have a helicopter landing pad that has patients flying in and out up to three to five times a day.

The way this object was moving and lighting up we knew right away that it was no helicopter. We were both perplexed and both started to ask each other, What Was That? I thought it was a shooting star at first and as the night went on and I thought about it, I began to realize that it was no star but probably a UFO/UAP.

I looked at my watch at the time and noticed it was exactly 8:57 PM on October 28, 2014 during the time of the sighting.

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