UFO Sighting in Antioch, California on October 29th 2014 – i saw a ufo on 10/29/2014 in antioch ca. it was a redish amber yellow round object moving at high speed then stopping to hover

i saw a ufo in antioch ca. on 10/29/1014 at 9:50 pm i got out of bed after watching a show and looked out my bedroom window at the back of the house and saw a bright reddish orange yellow color it was pulsating and going real dim then getting super bright it was going south west toward my neighborhood going so fast it out ran a helicopter then the chopper took off fast then it stopped then when it hovered it had a wobble to it then it turned right towards my house then went over the freeway then stopped and wobbled and and pulsated then it came towards my neighborhood and started coming over my block then took a sharp turn and was going west then it stopped right over the middle of my block it was right in the middle then stopped it was tree top level and i woke my brother up to go see it he looked out our loft window it just hovered in 1 spot it would bob up and down and side to side like a bobber you use fishing and it got super bright then went real dim then got so bright again there’s a light wind outside no way it could have stayed in 1 spot its not a balloon or chinese lantern and then i saw molten metal fall from it then it stayed bright then blinked out couldn’t see nothing then it came back on still hovering over my block then stayed a few minutes than blinked out for all i know it still might be hovering there i tell others but they dont believe me but my brother seen it too its hard for my to explain everything i have bad fibromyalgia i take pain meds and have fibro fog that’s why i went to get my brother so he can see im not crazy all those ufo’s we see always goes over the part of town i live in all the time but we have black diamond mines in antioch and pittsburg i think they are underground staying in the mines there are so many miles of tunnels and i think the mine shafts run to mt. diablo it what i think people are only allowed to go so far in the mine shaft which isnt that far but in the rest of the mines who knows

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