UFO Sighting in Ensenada, Baja California on September 23rd 2014 – 5 red objects, some changed & joined, all became translucent and faded indivual

I was in my house when a group of friends walked by and yelled for me to come out and see five objects in the sky. As I came out the door there was 5 red orbs forming a rectangle sort of. I ran back inside and grabbed the binoculars. I ran back outside and up the stairs to my sun deck. I focused in on one object. As I was doing this the crowd screamed they’re changing shapes, oh look two joined together. I looked up just as those faded. Focusing back on object it suddenly became translucent then was gone, so I quickly focused on the next orb in line. I could never make out what I was observing, just a very bright round orb. It never moved, just hovered. I heard everyone saying only one light was left. Then I observed object become translucent. It was still red but I could see the sky thru it. The best way to explain is think of a contact lens on your finger, you can see thru it while still observing the shape of the contact. Then it suddenly became even more translucent and as I watched it never moved but became so transparent I could no longer see it. I had observed one red object a month earlier in almost the same part of the sky but that was one red object that would hover, then follow a path, then shoot straight up then hover and fade then appear again at beginning of path and do the same ritual three times.
I feel we saw something I can’t explain, I live near a marine base so I’m used to seeing different aircraft and helicopters. I have never seen an object red, hovering, then fading. It was not normal behavior. Also was definitely not flares. I know how flares look as training with them occurs frequently in my hometown.

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