UFO Sighting in Newberg, Oregon on October 28th 2014 – Illuminated discs that seemed to react to my movements and mocked my own. Red and black reflective. Newberg oregon

Driving home down north valley road around 10:30 pm when we noticed a red dot near bald peak (aprox 3 miles away.) I dismissed it until arriving home shortly after to find that the bright light was still in view and dancing down the hillside, accenting and descending repeatedly and moving at speeds near 200 mph. It appeared to stop, change direction and return to motion so suddenly that I don’t think it accelerated or decelerated at all. After 30 minutes we noticed another 3. one under the eastern horizon hovering past the hillside in the valley about a mile away that looked very similar to the first, dark and red shine across a disk like orb. Second must have descended from the north while I watched the other come from the east and was about 100 yards away and as big as a house. I ran out into the garden and it mocked me. I would duck down and it would lower, I. Would turn my head and it would slide sideways. At that moment I felt incredibly uncomfortable. A jet engine blew through the area and made a quick flyby about an hour into the sighting. The third light appeared so suddenly and directly above the neighbors vineyard that I nearly wet myself with terror running inside to call the sherrif. I came back outside and watched for hours. One as chevron shaped craft descended but blacked out its light before I could see if it touched down. Government helicopter has been making rounds this afternoon. There are probably 1000 people living in view, have you seen this too..?

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