UFO Sighting in Sewickley, Pennsylvania on October 29th 2014 – Bright white light

I was standing on my porch observing the night sky when a bright white light came over the horizon and small hill in front of my porch area. The light moved at a high rate of speed and made no sound. It had a faint green light behind it as it passed. I could not observe any shape of this object. We have so many planes passing over our complex and can usually see a shape, see the normal lights and hear sound (before and after a pass over). This did not seem like a plane.

I noticed the object at 11:35pm.

I knew right away that this object was not a plane. The speed and lights did not seem normal.

The object moved to the right of my vision first seen East then moving at a very high rate of speed Southeast. It kind of curved as it went East to Southeast. It didn’t seem like a normal flight path that a plane would take. No sound after the pass over seemed so strange as well.

Reaction: Shocked. This is the fourth or fifth sighting I have had in the area over the past two years.

I lost sight of the object after it passed over miving SE.

I will have my phone with me the next time something like this happens.

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