Black Triangle Sighting in Barboursville, West Virginia on October 10th 2014 – Lights in rotating triangle formation over Barboursville WV

I was with my wife and 2 friends sitting outside talking. We were having a good time I looked over to the western sky and noticed 3 objects moving in a sideways triangle fashion, they were brighter than stars. I thought they may have been aircraft but the triangle formation began to rotate, I pointed it out to my wife and friends we jumped up and began to watch. The formation continued to rotate and change direction, then began the dull pulsating light emitting from the lights. The rotating stopped 2 lights departed from the formation going in a slow southward direction and disappeared the reaming light continued moving eastward the stopped, it hovered and pulsates then disappeared with no trace. We were all stunned by the event, my wife and I have seen UFOs before but this was the longest sighting at around 10 mins.

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