Night Vision Skywatching – First Initial Test [VIDEO]

Hey everyone :thumbs:

The Fluke Skywatcher Project is finally up and running, and I’ve just recently uploaded a video of the first initial test I performed last week. The test was to validate compatibility of all the parts, and to review video footage to calculate additional adjustments.

Conditions were rather poor, which made it difficult to truly test it’s capabilities and also degraded some of the video quality. But I still managed to get some decent footage of stars, satellites, meteors, anomalies, and airplanes.

After reviewing the footage, I realized I need to make minor adjustments to the manual focus and exposure on the video camera. I’ve done several other skywatches since the first initial test, and after making those adjustments and skywatching in better conditions, I’ve obtained much greater results. Everything is clearer and crisper.

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