UFO Sighting in Aberdeen, Maryland on February 28th 1969 – observed slow-moving red-orange elliptical shape object going in straight line across the sky

I was in the Army at the time stationed at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland. I was in training and my class was from midnight until 7 a.m. We were marching from barracks area to classroom and I happened to look up. Going across the night sky from my right to my left was an elliptical-shaped object moving slowly in a straight line. Having had read about UFO’s before I immediately recognized this as what most people called a “cigar shape” object. This was elliptically-shaped, or the shape that a circle makes when turned away from you at an angle. The width was about one-fifth its length. It was a burnt-orange color. There is no way I could assume its size, but I can say that at arm’s length, holding my thumb and forefinger about 5/8″ apart was the length of the object. It made no noise, and there was no obvious emission. There were no lights. I observed it for about a minute, looking up and then forward alternately so I wouldn’t meander out of line. One of my first thoughts was that it made sense to see something like this since we were close to Washington, D.C. I did not alert anyone in my group about it. I am a reasonably intelligent person so I know that this was not anything earthly.

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