UFO Sighting in Mount Morris, Michigan on May 26th 2014 – Bright red pulsating lights with a white spot light on the bottom. It made a hiss sound but not a jet or traditional motor for thrust, They stopped and changed direction. pulsate and fade out..No blinking lights!

3-Red lights, Very bright then a white spot-light in the middle bottom of the craft. I ran outside and could hear a hiss as it flew over the house next-door.Maybe the size of a small jet, I have seen them over 25 times in a two month period, some times more then one at a time, Memorial day-July 4th and more then a couple times there were fireworks going off all around them?? I never seen anything like it.They just fade out. One time there was one heading south-east and a Storm front coming from the southwest poured down rain and it turned to the north-east.

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