UFO Sighting in Osaka, Osaka Prefecture on October 22nd 2014 – We saw this white yellowish light/craft hovering in same spot for 15 minutes above clouds

1) Me and my wife were in Japan on vacation. We were on a bullet train traveling by rail leaving Osaka, Japan.

2)My wife was looking out of the window and noticed a white yellowish object just hovering in the same spot just above the clouds. It didn’t move, looked like it was in the exact same spot.She told me to look and we both stared at it for about 10-15 minutes.

3)When we first saw it we though maybe a plane (or another type of aircraft ex.helicopter), or a comet, or maybe a weather balloon. But it didn’t move at all, was just hovering in the same spot just above the clouds.Sometimes the clouds would cover it up but than when the clouds separated a little we would see it again.
4)It looked like a oval shaped, maybe a little closer to circular shaped object. Just hovering in the sky. It was just hanging there within the clouds. Couldn’t of been a star, clearly looks like an object and it was still daylight.

5)When we first saw it we were like, what is that, than we were trying to figure out all the things it could be and ruled everything out b/c this didnt move at all, just stayed in one place, any other airborne object would do some sort of movement. Than we starting to realize what if this is some kind of UFO or classified govt plane no one has seen yet. B/c nothing other than these 2 things could just hang right there with no movement.Plus it looked really big, it must have been a few miles away from us and the size looked significant even from where we were seated.

6) We had a real good view of the object, seated right next to the window. We watched it for about 10-15 minutes hovering and every now and than disappearing into the clouds. It would re-appear and disappear. This went on for about 10-15 minutes and finally we lost sight of it in a large cloud that enveloped the object. We still looked on after to see if we could see it, but the cloud didnt move and that area of the sky was totally covered. After about 5 minutes we stopped looking for it as the train starting turning a little bit away from where we were looking.

I circled it in on of the photos,and in the other photo u can see it hovering in between the power lines in the foreground in the middle of the picture towards the top.

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