UFO Sighting in San Clemente, California on June 1st 1998 – Item Ascended From Under Water, Hovered for approx 20 seconds then bee lined to the SE

We were fishing on the San Clemente Pier in 1998 around 2am, there were approx 5-8 of us fishing on the pier this eve, half drunk, i was not drinking, at around 2 AM an item approx 1.5 miles away just south of the San Onofre Nuke Plant and directly off Camp Pendleton, approx 1/2 mile off shore Ascended from the Pacific ocean, 4 of us watched it happen and questioned what we were seeing, we were able to see the light below the water and above it when it came out, it hovered about 20ft above the water, this us a guesstimate, for about 20 seconds, it continued to change colors during this time, after 20 seconds the item shot faster them a bullet to the South East over Camp Pendleton and disappeared. No noises were heard, no wake could be seen. Neither I or anyone there could determine or suggest what the item could have been. I was 17 when this occurred and knew i had just seen either some super top secret craft or a alien craft, either way i never reported it in fear the government would do something to me as i felt i should have never saw what i did that night.

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