Alien Encounter in Dover, Massachusetts on April 21st 1977 – Old case commonly referred to as "Dover Demon" sighting.

I hope I’m not completely wasting your time, I take this sort of thing very seriously and scientifically and have the same ambitions your organization does. This event did not personally happen to me in any way, but before you flip to the next report, just bear with me for a moment and continue reading – I just simply have lived in the area of Dover and have heard a lot about the Dover Demon Case that occurred back in 1977, and vividly remember the description the witnesses gave and pictures they drew. I know this incident was not in any way a UFO case – but the bizarre entity seen that night seems to me to be remarkably consistent in behavior and appearance to the more recent case in Varginha, Brazil in 1996 which you of course have a case file on.

What I’m writing to you about is that I don’t know if you’re particularly aware of the Dover Demon case since it didn’t involve any UFO’s and considering how many reports you get, you could easily have overlooked or simply not known about the extreme similarities between the entities described in these 2 incidents. I have no idea if there is any connection to the same type of creature or even if it is if that helps you in any way.

But just, just in case somehow this could be a remarkable similarity in the sighting of an entity which might help you to come up with a theory of a type of classification or species of alien which could lend credibility to other sightings of very similarly described entities in the future, I wanted to make sure you’re aware of it.

It’s a well known case more in the cryptozoology area than UFO research, but I always believed it to have been an alien and not an earthly inhabitant. You can find plenty of information on it and I know the people who originally witnessed it, though their names are available all over the internet as well, and I didn’t speak to them before writing this so I won’t give their names here, but like I said, easily found if you don’t already have a case file on it.

Alright, enough wasting your time. As said, just wanted to ensure SOMEONE at your network is aware of the striking coincidence between the description of these 2 creatures, or their description as I’ve been told/seen drawings from witnesses of, just in case it helps you in some way.

Thanks for the work you do. It’s invaluable. Literally.

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