Black Triangle Sighting in Jockgrim, Rhineland-Palatinate on November 2nd 2014 – 2 turbines in red / blue

Me and a friend have made ​​a LAN party at my home. When it was too hot we went out onto the balcony. The object was flying very high, higher than a plane, and the way it flew was completely different, very evenly. It looked like two turbines, but without wings or the like. The turbines at the rear end shone in blue / green. From the size and shape it looked like a “Podracer” from “Star Wars”, only that the turbines are located next to the “cabin”. After about 40 seconds you could see no lights the “turbines” more, we looked for another 10 minutes in the direction in which it flew, but could see nothing. As we walked back we wanted to continue playing, but the Internet was not. (But Also had in the past 2 weeks already problems with the router) A reboot of the router solved the problem

Sorry for my bad English. I’m from Germany (used Google translator)

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