UFO Sighting in Elkins, West Virginia on February 26th 2014 – Observed from hot tub first saw overhead traveled at level altitude from NE to E below large tree behind it.was so low it quickly went out of sight.

Was on back deck of house in hot tub about half hour before sunset. Was suprised to see bannana boat shaped craft aout 70 feet above me cruising by at a sustaned speed of about 15 MPH. I thought it was a hang glider, but it had no wings no motor or motor sound. It was striking in that it had a Red White & Blue Mozaic like pattern throughout its entirety making it too difficult to define 3-Dimensionally. It had what appeared to be an interior section below a top cantopy. Again the prolific Red White & Blue pattern prevented a detail description. Its actions were that of a craft flying independent of the wind (25 MPH Gusts) but was also affected by the wind as it rocked & shuttered slightly in the wide turn to the east as it went by. My feelings initially were that it was a hang glider as it had a man made mcgyver like look. But at the same time my reaction was instant as I jummped up out of the tub to get my Wife to see it. As I rose out of the tub I realized that due to the very low altitude it would be out of sight in 2 seconds or so. This prevented any chance of my wife seeing it. After the observation My feelings were that this was a very strange thing. The weather that day and at that time was 18 degrees F. The wind was gusting wildly and snow showers were blowing in all directions. Turning from part sun to dark snow showers every few min. I have been bothered ever since as I cant reconcial what craft could be flying recon through our town at that altitude in that Temp Wind & Snow without wings or motor. I have been haunted by this observation since it occured and have arrived at the point where I feel I need to report it. If for no other reason I would like to know if any simmilar sightings have occured. The Red White & Blue Pattern was very pronounced.It was 10 to 12 Feet Long 5 Feet High 4 Feet Wide. Cruised right past me with clear control and purpose.

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