Black Triangle Sighting in Perkasie, Pennsylvania on November 1st 2014 – 3 white lights (orb like) in a triangle formation gliding in sky

I was driving home from my nursing job and arrived at my neighborhood between 23:45-24:00 (I work second shift). As I was turning in to my neighborhood, I don’t know what made me notice it, but in the sky was 3 bright white lights, in a triangle formation, “gliding” across the sky. It wasn’t directly above me, I didn’t have to turn my head to look way up. But it was maybe at about a 45 degree angle from inside my car. It didn’t make any noise. It was a really, really cloudy night, and had rained all day. It was also really windy. The lights were unobstructed by clouds, so I knew it was flying at a level below cloud cover. I live really, really close to a small airport, so I’m really used to seeing all sorts of aircraft, and this wasn’t like anything else I’ve seen before. I stopped the car right next the street I turn onto to get home. I lost sight of it once it flew over the top of the houses (I live in a townhome community). As an afterthought, I feel like I should have drove around the block to get a better look at it, but I was alone and scared.

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