Black Triangle Sighting in Washington, District of Columbia on October 8th 2014 – UFO S IN NUCLEAR SITES IN FRANCE !!!!


We have just received new elements (gigantic triangular machine, daily alerts in power plants, witnesses(batons) which assert that they are not drones, testimonies in the study in private) who allow us to think that there is/are not only drones which overfly(skim through) nuclear power plants. We are can be in front of a new wave of UFOs. Given that this kind(genre) of event is more and more rare we want to react. So we ask all the members who wish it to arm themselves with twins(binoculars), camera with zoom, bonnettes to network, camcorder and to go(surrender) near power plants to obtain indisputable elements of proof. The chances are high that if UFOs as during the vague Belgian are in question the authorities not communicate…………

The lights are here even every evening in various sites nuclear power, and autorit��es does not still know what that is in ……. then they speak about drones but nobody knows what that is….

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