UFO Sighting in Knoxville, Tennessee on October 17th 2014 – my husband and i along with his brother saw a ufo catch fire and slowly fall from the skt three orher ufos one really big showed up then vanished as a military helicopter approached

I looked up at the sky and saw an oval UFO in the sky it seemed to glow in a golden light I ran inside to get my husband when we came out it was on fire slowly falling from the sky suddenly a larger ship went close to it then past it then a smaller UFO that was lit up red came in from the south and another ship came in from the west all of these objects suddenly disappeared as a military helicopter approached the UFO that was falling from the sky me and my hubby and his brother all saw this I noticed there were hundreds of bats darting and acting crazy it was this that made us go inside also all of the neighborhood dogs were howling and acting spooked and several car alarms in the area started going off I was able to catch a few pics with my phone but they aren’t great and my phone was going dead thanks for reading I’m concerned because I have a baby girl should I be freaking out should we move are we going to be watched by the government I just don’t know what to think or do

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