Black Triangle Sighting in Athens, Georgia on November 3rd 2014 – Small car-sized triangular craft with two bright white lights flies overhead

I was heading Northwest on Cedar Shoals Dr. when I came to a stop at the red traffic light on the intersection of Cedar Shoals Dr., Barnett Shoals Rd., and Gaines School Rd. I noticed two large, very bright white lights moving at a slow pace moving from West to East directly over the intersection. At first I thought that it was a small plane coming or going from the Ben Epps Airport. However, as the object moved overhead I looked up and noticed that the lights were attached to what appeared to be a triangular craft with a dark gray frame (although it was difficult to make out any detail), no larger than a small car or go-kart, about 200 feet above the intersection. I then realized that what I was seeing looked nothing like a small plane. This sighting is very similar to a triangular craft of the same size and similar description that my husband and I witnessed a year ago very close to this location (same street, a few blocks down). I felt shocked that I was seeing what appeared to be the same triangular craft that I saw a year earlier. Unfortunately, the traffic light turned green and I had to move through the intersection, at which point I lost sight of the craft. I glanced at the clock in my car and noticed that it was 8:00 pm.

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