Odd Helicopter

Today I came across a thread from AU member ‘Droid’. yep, our very own.. Anyway, the case was about a morphing helicopter that turned into a UFO. Of course there werent any pics or videos..but sure opened up a can of worms. The idea wasn’t new, but rediscovered it this morning, and I got on YouTube for any possible videos of morphing helicopters. There were only a few, but those few made for some interesting watching. Something about the people who film helicopters, they seem to be a little bit on the paranoid side. I’ve watched a bunch of heli intimidation videos where these jet black birds fly low and circle peoples homes over and over…so I don’t blame them.
Not that long ago, some chopper was flying ultra low around 3 am near my house…sounded to me like it had two of those rotating blades..Big boy. Recon in an urban environment?

Anyway, can someone I.D. this bird? Any experienced pilots in the house? Or anyone that can give us an insight to what this chopper might be…Its no drone for sure.
The video uploader seems to believe its some interdimesional being who shifted to a helicopter..I kinda don’t like his theory.

DA link because I wasn’t allowed to share:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ixJN…Ms7hiwJiBrUQpg

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