UFO NEWS: ‘Unidentified’ Drones Over France’s Nuclear Power Plants

'Unidentified' Drones Over France's Nuclear Power Plants

UFO NEWS: ‘Unidentified’ Drones Over France’s Nuclear Power Plants

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(rough translation by Google)

    The flight of unknown drones over several nuclear power plants has alerted the French authorities. That measures had been taken to identify the missile and to neutralize, Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve told the radio station France Info.

He did not make more detailed information. The French electricity group EDF and nuclear power plant operators said that drones were observed on seven different nuclear power plants between 5 and 20 October. Those concern were the plants in Creys-Malville and Bugey in the southeast, in the southwest of Blaye, Cattenom and Chooz in the northeast, north and Gravelines in Nogent-sur-Seine near Paris. Guards had spotted the missiles each in the late evening, night or early morning. . . .

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