UFO Sighting in Vallejo, California on November 2nd 2014 – I saw a big sphere-like object in the northeastern sky. Orange in color with yellow edges.

On Sunday evening Nov 2 2014 at 8:30 pm in Vallejo Ca I was outside taking out garbage cans and looked up at the northeastern sky and saw a very big orange sphere. It was a clear night. The object was hovering and about a quarter of the size of the moon that was in the southern sky and just as bright. Object was yellow on the edges,sphere in shape, deep orange in color and the edges were blurry.I watched this for about 30 seconds and then went inside to tell my sister, It took about 10 seconds to get her and when I showed her the object she replied It’s Orange! We both watched it for about 15 seconds more then it blinked out. I thought it was moving so I went into my driveway to get a better view and it was gone. While watching this object there was a plane in the eastern sky moving to the north. The plane was much higher in the sky and it had a good view to see the object? I’ve never seen anything like this before in my life! It was not a plane, blimp, falling star or comet. This was a UFO.

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