Black Triangle Sighting in Rohnert Park, California on November 4th 2014 – 8 orange lights in roughly triangle formation stationary in the south-southeast night sky, very bright despite moon (brighter than stars) which faded, 3 at base of triangle, then middle three, then leading 2.

Went outdoors to view night sky (nearly full moon), looked to south-southeast, saw orange lights, in roughly triangular shape, very bright, brighter than the visible stars. They appeared stationary for several minutes, then the 3 farthest south blinked out; 6 stayed lit and stationary. Next 3 (middle 3 from my perspective) blinked out, and finally the 2 farthest north from my perspective blinked out, approximately 10 seconds later. I continued to watch a few minutes, but they did not reappear. A small plane crossed “in front” of them while 5 were visible, but impossible to estimate distance from plane to objects. Small planes not unusual in this area and the anomaly did not appear associated with the plane, nor did the plane appear to react, change course, etc. No clue what this was, nor how long it was in place. I had just stepped outside, scanned to my left, and saw the lights.

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