UFO Sighting in Apache Junction, Arizona on November 4th 2014 – Black cloud cylinder shape

I was driving east on the US 60 freeway heading to work and observed what looked like a black cylinder in the morning sky. It looked really odd as there were no clouds in the sky and the light from the sun which hadn’t rising yet was illuminating the sky behind it.. I watched it for a few minutes and then it started to slowly dissipate and shrink in size until it was completely gone. As soon as it was gone another one started to appear and grow just to the left of where the original one was. then after about another 30 seconds 2 more started to appear. They seemed to appear and grow in size. I drove a few miles past where my work was to try and get a better look. When I got off the freeway I lost site until I cleared some houses and there was only one left in the sky. It appeared to be a dark cloud that looked like smoke. It was black and hovered for about 10 minutes before it started to dissipate. I took some pictures and video and there is not a single cloud or anything else in the sky. after a few minutes I drove back a few miles to work when I noticed about 50 miles north east from where the original sitings were there were 2 dark cylinder shapes in the sky in that direction one hovering over the other. I also took some pictures and video of those but they were a lot further away.

The objects looked like burnt clouds or smoke and what really was weird was how fast the vanished and reappeared. I have never seen anything like that before. It looked very unnatural.

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