Some people's knowledge of E.T's and UFOs among other things

What are your sources?

I’ve been wondering, not just recently, but many times upon visiting these forums over the years.
There are many people speaking with confidence about Alien races such as Reptilians and Greys etc.
Other’s describe alien crafts and technology, but I remain sceptical.

I am making this thread for two reasons

1) – I don’t want to point fingers and ‘confront’ anyone who potentially does not wish to explain

2) – I can imagine it would potentially derail other threads, so here I am making my own dedicated thread.

If you have any experience being abducted, having been contacted by reptilians, greys etc.
Been given alien technology directly or indirectly, know of hybrid people.

In general anything unusual, please step forward and explain to me what your sources are, your experience anything that could help me understand how you speak with such confidence of these things, because I have yet to see any convincing argument that honestly couldn’t have been pulled out of some science fiction novel.

Please note that I am no trying to act condescending or play the devil’s advocate, I would love to have the experience some people here on this site claim to have.
So please step forward if you are willing to provide me with something.

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