UFO Sighting in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico on November 5th 2014 – Odd group of lights sighted just after dark, moving strangely over White Sands

I was driving south on I-25, just north of T or C, when I saw a yellow, golden light to the east. After a few minutes, I saw more. I stopped the car and watched them move for about a minute, then they went away. I waited several minutes and they reappeared briefly. I started driving again, and saw them one more time a few minutes later.
I’ve never seen lights of that color, and they way they moved, sometimes in a straight line, pulsating, and then appear to multiply from one, two, four, then alternate, come and go in geometric patterns. No idea what that was, but not something I’ve seen before. It was beautiful, and I felt good to see them. They were graceful and organic in the way they moved. Tried to get a picture, and never could.

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