This is my first posting. I have been reading many of the posts and I have read and discussed many UFO articles and books.

My comment is the following: UNEXPLAINED does not imply EXTRATERRESTIAL.
Many people describe a strange sighting then ask “How can you explain that?” Usually, I can not explain what they saw, but that does NOT mean it was extraterrestrial. It just is unexplained. It might have an earthly explanation. You can not check possibilities off of a list and then conclude the object was alien. This is a logical fallacy that so many UFO researchers fall into.
In order to conclude something is extraterrestrial, you must have definite positive evidence pointing to that conclusion. I have never read or heard of any such evidence for any UFO case, ever.

Also, many people tell me that I can not prove a sighting was not extraterrestrial. This is true. But a negative statement can never be proven. But the burden of proof is on the believer to prove something is ET, not on the skeptic to prove that it is not ET.

I will keep an open mind and I’ll be glad to read and respond to your comments.


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