Black Triangle Sighting in Lexington, North Carolina on October 27th 2014 – I felt scared, amazed, and anxious after viewing this. Would feel better if I knew what it was.

I was driving to work one Sunday morning approximately 6:40am. As I entered the city limits and approached the interstate entrance ramp, I noticed a bright object in the sky that seemed to be flying over the interstate. My first thought was of course this was a plane. From a distance it seemed to have a few different colored lights, but it was just unusually bright. I tried to keep my sight on the object as I drove, but as I got closer, the weirder it looked. It no longer looked as if it had multi-colored lights, all I seen was this bright white light. The object also seemed to be only hovering over the highway now and appeared to be changing shapes while it was somehow rotating. At one point it actually looked worm-like. I was struggling to figure out what I was seeing. The scariest part was I think this was somewhat close to the ground, but that also meant the craft itself couldn’t have been too big. I estimate it to be the size of a car maybe, I’m not sure. I just know it wasn’t as high as a plane would be and this looked nothing at all like one anyways. It felt as if my heart just stopped as I was trying to figure out what this was, to make sense of it before I couldn’t see it anymore. Now appeared to be triangular or prism shaped, which seemed strange from what I seen earlier. Just as I spoke to myself,”What the hell is that?”, the craft appeared to abruptly turn around. At this point I can definitely see a clear, bright white triangular shape as it starting slowly flying in the opposite direction. It was such a bright white, all over as if it were glowing. There were no blinking lights I should have stopped my car, even on the interstate, but I didn’t want to be that close to it honestly. It was right after that it just wasn’t in view anymore, it was now behind me as I was driving. I just wish I had a picture or a video. There were other people that were out on the interstate and in the city that had to have seen this as well. I kept checking to see if anyone had filed a report with someone, even with the media. I can’t find one, so I’m gonna submit one in hopes of reaching out to someone else that might have seen this or can explain what it was. I’d like to know, I would feel better if there could be some rational explanation.

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