UFO Sighting in Caldwell, Idaho on November 3rd 2014 – saw a strange light wall going to the gas station so I recorded it don't know what it is

my wife and I was going to the gas station on 11/3/14 it was 11:20 PM when I seen a strange light hovering I told my wife she was looking at it too so we went on another road to get a better view when the one light object split into two and then I started recording the 1 light stage stationary while the second light moved around it up and down and side to side I only got 2 minutes of video the one light went out and it kinda look like a plane with blinking lights the other lights stay there and then did the same thing and then a third light came on.I have seen many different a UFO’S here in Idaho I see a lot of activity between June through August in the skiesand they have seen different shapes and lights this is just the first time I have decided to submit something

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