UFO Sighting in Charlotte, North Carolina on August 3rd 2012 – strange light seem by 4 people over course of 2 years.

Hanging out with a friend. A erratic light was moving down the road. Never saw the source of the light. Emitted bright white light that shined on trees and hill in front of my house. First noticed it moving down the road. Incredibly silent. As it moved pay my yard a quietly suggest we go check it out. To wick my friend not so quietly replied “f**k that” and then it shot through the woods incredibly fast. Still moving erratically and all that was left was our goosebumps. Told a few people. No way we both hallucinate. Stone cold sober. Well…..2 nights ago a different friends son saw this. And described it pretty well to the T. Lives about 6 miles away in same rural area in nc….. what was that?

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