UFO Sighting in Naperville, Illinois on July 20th 2013 – Bright orb hovering over field.

My family and I were driving down a street to a local store one evening. Not positive if it was spring or summer, all I remember was that it was warm out. I looked out the window of the car and noticed a large bright orb over a field on our way to the store. It looked like a large star, but it couldn’t have been, because it was the early evening. It was too large to be a star. I watched it as we drove past, and can recall it wasn’t moving. Just staying in one spot with no signs of movement. I thought it was really strange when I saw it, because if it was a plane, or even an asteroid, it’d be moving at least a little bit, right? It didn’t move at all while I was watching. It was over a year ago, so I don’t remember everything, including the exact date and time, although it must have been around 7 PM since my family has dinner at 6 PM, and we went after dinner. I believe it was still there when we were going home less than an hour later, but didn’t really catch my attention the second time. Still in the same spot.

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