UFO Sighting in tbd, Missouri on November 6th 2014 – See below

To those who this concerns.

Today 11/6/2014 This morning around 9:50 i saw this plane fly over my house. flying really fast. so i went out side and took a picture of the plane Also today my friend Matthew called and asked me if i saw this plane fly over my house and i told him i did. so then he begain describing the direction of the planes flight to me Matthew told me that the plane was flying over his house them hoverd turned and flew away from house. This afternoon i was up a churh here in Belton,MO and now there were two of the same plane flying over the church going towards Kansas City. Then this evening i saw this helicopter flying over my house and trailing behind it was this orb of something it wasn’t a plane it was like a ball like figure.

The Pictures below are the one of the plane i saw at9:50 this moring and the other is what i saw tonight The date of this again was 11/6/2014

IF you have any Question feel free to contact me (jacob) 816-835-3946, and also cindy at 816-854-0133

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