Black Triangle Sighting in Ontario on November 7th 2014 – very short, triangle of orbs observed. and trail of white/blue squiggles after in opposite direction.

My father and I were just sitting on the recliner watching the Simpsons when suddenly we both see a flash of light. I am at the right angle to see 3 White glowing orbs that form an exact triangle. A second later I ask my dad if he saw that, he said yes then I knew I was not seeing things. I saw one more orb after the first 3 a second or 2’Or 3 after that. Then my dad went to the door and said he saw some white squiggles with a blue glow. The whole ordeal lasted about 10 seconds. I will NEVER forget it, we were both completely shocked by what we saw. And the whole sighting was just a flash..then it was gone.

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