The striking similarity between "UFO believers" and "Debunkers"

We could say that “UFO believers” and “Debunkers” are the two faces of the same coin, both groups have very strong preconceived ideas about reality.

For the believers anything is seen through the optics of “UFOs” and for them that word have very specific meaning: it is anything “mechanical” or “saucer-like”, or humanoid-like entities, for them even a bright dot moving in a dark background could be a “craft” and could be under “intelligent control”.

For the debunkers reality is very simple, they have a very short list enumerating anything that may happen and then when they see something they will pick an item from the list and claim that by “occam razor” that is the more likely “explanation”, for them Reality is cartoon-like and simple.

Both groups represent the extremes of belief systems, they happily disregard consistent observations and hence they disregard reality.

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