UFO Sighting in Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi on November 8th 2014 – I randomly took a picture of the sun as my habit to start the day. when I checked, I saw a weird round image just above it.

We were on our way to work and I told my friend to stop the car because I want to take a picture of the sun as my habit of starting my busy week. When I checked the picture, I told him, I dont want to post it because its not a nice shot, then I noticed something just above the sun, when you’re not using zoom, it looks like an orb so I zoomed it and it shocked me as it has like white spikes. So I let my friend see and he told me to take another picture, on the next picture, it is still there but its moving to the left direction. I took some pictures again thinking maybe its just a reflection or my camera lens. Then my friend took a picture too in his mobile because I’m really not believing that its there, so he took a picture and he was surprised because its there too. I tried looking at it through my eyes but the rays of the sun is so bright. I told him maybe its the moon, or maybe its a drone or a satellite. I’m very skeptical about these things and I just want to know and be enlightened about this weird phenomenon. Please note that the attached in the attached photo, you can see the object in the first photo just above the sun, then it goes to the left on the succeeding ones.

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