UFO Sighting in Avon, Indiana on November 7th 2014 – Hovering craft almost directly above my car

I came home this weekend from college to visit my parents. I realized I left my phone at my house in Bloomington so I decided to run to CVS real quick. CVS is about a mile or so away from my house and closes at 10pm. I left around 9:50pm, heading east. On my way back home, west, a little more than halfway back, I noticed a bright gold/copper/orange light that was stationary. It was about the level of the tree tops nearby. There were almost no stars present in the sky tonight so I kept my eye on the light. At first site of the light I immediately thought it was a UFO, as I always do. Usually I am debunked shortly after a sighting but things were surprisingly different this time. I continued driving towards the light & it disappeared from my view behind the trees for a moment. Once I passed these trees, where houses begin along the road, I could see the light again. Being closer now, I could see there was more than just one light. At this point I grabbed my phone and called my best friend. I pulled my car into a driveway, now facing north. It was the 3rd or 4th driveway past the trees, about 7 or 8 houses before reaching mine. All of the lights were stationary and were not blinking. There were 4 of them in a diamond formation and were literally almost directly over my car. I couldn’t stop staring. I could kind of see a diamond shaped outline and then I noticed another set of 4 lights, in the exact same formation exhibiting the same effects, about 50 feet to the left of the craft above me. These two objects seemed to me, to be way too close to each other to be airplanes or helicopters. I was freaking out to my friend on the phone. I kept telling him I wanted to get out of the car and that I should hangup and take a picture. After getting off the phone I, instead, got scared and didn’t feel like I should stay that close any longer. I put my car in reverse and sped down the street, to my house. I ran inside to get my dad. I thought he would want to see what I had just witnessed. We got in the car and I tried to show him but the objects had vanished. We drove around the area for about 10 minutes but only saw a helicopter to the south, moving west. We knew it was a helicopter because of the blue, red, & orange lights and because they were blinking. My dad proceeded to tell me that we don’t live in the right area to have UFO sightings, but I have also had two extremely vivid abduction dreams within the past 7 years. This was the most real thing I have experienced. I wish I had known about this site earlier so I could more accurately report these dreams/possible abductions I have experienced. If there are other UFO cases that have occurred in my area I would really like to be informed about them. Thank you. I hope this story helps.

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