UFO Sighting in Broadmeadow, New South Wales on November 4th 2014 – Disc shaped object with a bright light attached, seemed to sporadically rotate from left to right in a horizontal motion, while moving in a jagged path.

The event took place in District Park, next to Energy Australia Stadium in Broadmeadow NSW at 19:40 AEST. While I was jogging in the park, I looked up at a 70 degree angle in a NE direction where a moving yellowish light shone at me and caught my attention. I stopped jogging, removed my earphones and stood there to observe this strange light. The stars were yet to be visible and the moon was large and bright. I was more aware of the sky that night because I knew the space station was going to be visible at approximately 20:10 AEST. I have previously observed satellites and the space station, this was neither. At first I thought it was a helicopter as the Westpac Rescue Helipad is right next to the park. When I realised there was no sound, I became more concerned. The light was rotating from left to right in sporadic motion while moving up and down as though searching or observing. When the light was directly above me I could see the light positioned on the side of a matte black disc object approximately 40 metres in diameter and at a height of approximately 250 metres. I became terrified and fearful for my safety. The object continued on a general path of approximately 60 km/h towards SE direction, although moving in a jolted and intermittent motion. At 20:10 AEST the space station rolled across the sky as expected.

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