The "Peiltochterkompass"

Hello folks, I was doing a bit of reading and came across the “Peiltochterkompass”, for a 2nd time. – The first time I seen this device was in the show UFO Hunters ( Nazi UFOs ep. )


The owner of this device, William Lyne, had a ufo sighting in 1953, Lyne describes it as a ‘flying machine” and he strongly believes flying saucers are man-made; and are Electro- gravitic propulsive. Lyne says that in his 1953 sighting, the flying machine was emmiting coronal electrical discharges, which he says would of rendered a regular compass useless. Here is what Lyne says about the “Peiltochterkompass”:


The inertial guidance system (“Peiltochterkompass”, or “polar slave compass”) was built to meet the requirements of the “full electric” “Kreisel Teller” , because the electrostatic “Faraday cage” effect created by its propulsion system made a normal compass worthless, and the high speeds (c. 9,000 m.p.h.), zig-zag maneuverability, precession, and poor visibility created navigational problems which required a special, non-magnetic compass. The Peiltochterkompass was coupled to a “Meisterkreiselkompass” (“master gyrocompass”) mounted on gimbals, which generated its own angular momentum, and operated independent to the earth’s gravity and the ship’s momentum or inertia. This would be true even if the saucer externally cancelled the effects of gravity, inertia and momentum since, just as the sun transfers momentum to the earth by electrical current, the saucer power system transfers angular momentum to the gyro. Moving freely on its gimbals, the master gyrocompass pointed in the same direction all the time, no matter which way the ship turned, held into position by its angular momentum, as the motor on the slave compass was actuated when needed to turn the compass indicator dial in the direction of travel.

“Kreisel Teller”

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Lyne tells us how he acquired his Peiltochterkompass:


In 1975 I began researching alternative methods of energy generation, based on the premise that inexhaustible energy can be obtained from the environment, because “…energy cannot be created nor destroyed, but only changed in form…”. Since I conceive of the universe as a never-ending perpetual motion (energy) process—as the rule and not the exception—my goal was to discover ways to trick nature into producing “free energy”. This involved gathering, focusing, and channeling some part of the infinite perpetual motion of the universe, through whatever work I wanted to do with it. I finally evolved what I call my “Triax System”.

In 1976 or thereabouts, I had resumed my childhood research in nuclear sciences, electricity, and magnetism, which I had begun in 1947, when I was nine years old. By 1978,1 had accumulated a lot of material and knowledge on the work of Nikola Tesla. As a child, my neighbor’s father, Elmer Schlosser, a self-taught electronics repair man, told me about Tesla, his boyhood inspiration, while growing up in the Cimmarron Territory.

He told me the saucer was Tesla’s invention. He gave me a lot of materials to use in my experiments with electricity and magnetism. I took the soft iron bars from the windows of the barracks from the German P.O.W. camp in Roswell, from which we’d built our new house in 1947, and used the bars in my experiments with magnetism and electricity. Some of the things I discovered seemed to defy the accepted laws of electromagnetism.

I had always presumed that Tesla had indeed invented the flying saucer, because of the way the government and Trilateralists had practically drummed his greatness from history.

By 1979,1 had several operational Tesla coils, and was hunting materials in the salvage heaps of Los Alamos, Albuquerque, and Santa Fe, to use in a multitude of experiments. It was during this time that many of my new inventions and re-discoveries came about.

While browsing through a Santa Fe flea market in 1979,1 met a viejo from Pojoaque, who was trying to sell an old wooden box which he had made in 1937, to carry tools behind the cab of his Model A Ford pickup. On the lid of the box, he had carved, in New Mexico “folk” style, a map showing Los Alamos, Pojoaque (with a “zia” sign around it), and the unpaved road leading to the interstate, showing “LA.” (Los Angeles) one way, and “N.Y.” (New York City) the other. The date (“1937”) was shown, as well as the name of the project (“p2”) in which he was employed at Los Alamos.

The symbol for the project (a triangle with a dot in its center) was also shown. It was a scientific project headed by Wernher Von Braun. The old man said that after the project was “shut down and moved away”, at the end of 1937, that he was never rehired when the “new project” (the Manhattan Project) was begun in 1942.

I knew at the time that the triangle with a dot in its center was the “all-seeing-eye” of Bel, Ra, or “God”, that it was a Masonic symbol, and that it appeared on the dollar bill. I was inclined to buy the box at the time, not only as a curiosity, but also because of some haunting reason of which I was not then fully cognizant, but I didn’t buy it because I was so short on cash at the time. I also thought “1937” was a little early for anything scientific at Los Alamos. The Manhattan Project originated in late 1941/early 1942. Our government was an “ally” with Germany, until the 1939 invasion of Poland (Surprised?).

It would not be until a week later that I would realize my mistake in failing to buy the box, and did not remember the old man’s name. Somewhere in Pojoaque or Santa Fe, there may still be an old, hand-carved wooden box, which looks like this:

The following week, I regretted having failed to buy the box, when I realized what the carving meant. This was revealed when I went to a surplus dealer’s yard in Albuquerque, shortly after a fresh pile of unusual things had been sold to him by an employee of Sandia Base. On top of the pile was a navigational device of the type I knew early saucers would have used.

The entire pile was not the usual stuff I was able to buy, so I asked Mark King, the owner’s son, who was also a friend of mine, what he would have to have for the device. He answered, “Oh…about seven-fifty”. My heart sank. Seven hundred and fifty dollars was way out of my budget. I asked, “Seven hundred and fifty dollars?” Mark answered, “No…cents, for the whole pile”. I wasted no time picking the stuff up and paying Mark, with a big thanks, a handshake, a smile, and $7.50.

When I returned home, I began to examine the device, made in 1943 by Lizt, in Germany, more closely. The label on the device was as follows:

GeratNr. 127-178 A-l
Anforderz. FI 23374
WerkNr. 10143
Hersteller: gvy

There was the “p2” again. “KT-p2” was the codename for “Kreisel Teller” (German, for “Gyrating Saucer”) and “p2” was, according to Tesla’s drawings, either two plates, potentials, or primaries.

The 1943 device had a 6-volt motor to drive a geared ring marked in 30-degree partitions, around an inner electromagnetically coupled disk. A selection knob in the center of the face was used to manually turn a pointer to the desired flight-heading. There were fourteen contact points on the bottom, two of which supplied D.C. current to the motor.

The motor would rotate the outer geared compass ring until it showed the correct flight heading, based on information relayed from “master” gyrocompass, oriented to earth’s north pole, at which point the motor was automatically switched off The term “Tochter” (German, for “daughter”), literally meant “slave” in this respect, so the term “Peiltochterkompass” meant “Polar-Slave-Compass”. The device was one-half of an inertial or “celestial” navigation system. This manually operated device presupposed the “master” (gyro) compass….and electromagnetic propulsion, in 1943.

Lastly, UFO Hunters episode. The episode begins with William Lyne and the “Peiltochterkompass”

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