Odd Happenings in Southern Colorado

On October 31st, 2014, The Pueblo Chieftain newspaper, of Pueblo Colorado, printed the following article. Thanks to the writer Jon Pompia, for taking the time to get this valuable information out to the public.


October 31, 2014 9:40 AM
Jon Pompia The Pueblo Chieftain, Colo. (MCT)

The bizarre mutilation of cattle.
Black helicopters shining spotlights into homes.
Unidentified flying objects in both the day and night.
Lights that follow vehicles.
Earthquakes in regions that never before experienced them.

Something odd is going on in Southern Colorado, and renowned UFOlogist and cattle mutilation investigator Chuck Zukowski has a theory as to why.

The Colorado Springs researcher and host of the UFOnut website recently appeared on the Science Channel’s “Unexplained Files” series to present what he terms the “37-degree latitude theory.”

Research into unexplained phenomena across the U.S. unveiled that an abundance of these events occur in a linear pattern — which starts in Virginia and extends west through Southern Colorado — along the 37-degree latitude line.

This 3,000-mile stretch was dubbed “The Paranormal Highway” by Zukowski for the simple reason that many things not so simple to explain are happening with great frequency along it.

“The 37-degree latitude theory was a starting point to try and understand why most cattle mutilations in Colorado occur in a particular location,” Zukowski said.

As he began to study other anomalies — mutilations, UFO sightings, shallow earthquakes — across the country, Zukowski noticed that the 37-degree latitude appeared to be the center of this line, with the left and right lanes converging into 36 and 38 degrees. This forms what he calls “The Paranormal Highway.”

Central to Zukowski’s theory is his belief that underground drilling associated with subterranean military bases — not fracking — is responsible for a rash of shallow earthquakes, several of which have hit the Trinidad area in recent years. On occasion, UFO sightings follow these quakes.

This underground drilling, Zukowksi believes, also may be producing the infamous “Taos Hum” — an unusual droning sound long heard by north-central New Mexicans.

“My 37-degree latitude theory eventually matured into more of a Paranormal Highway, which encompasses underground bases, military structures, caves, some sacred Native American sites, UFO crashes and other very interesting sites like Fort Knox, Area 51, and a little higher up the 38-degree latitude, the Pentagon,” Zukowski said.

Strangeness in Southern Colorado:

Theories aside, there is no doubt that strange things are taking place with great regularity in Southern Colorado.

And one of the most perplexing — Zukowski labeled it “absolutely ridiculous” — happened in August in the La Veta area.

Between Aug. 8 -17, eight cattle deaths were reported to the Huerfano County Sheriff’s Department. Two of the deaths occurred on one ranch and the other six on a ranch about 2 miles away.

Every animal exhibited the “traditional” signs of a mutilation: reproductive organs and tongues removed with surgical precision, massive blood loss with no visible sign of the blood, missing flesh along the jaw line, no signs of struggle and so forth.

According to an article published in The Huerfano World Journal newspaper, on Aug. 17 a 14-year-old girl spotted 12-15 unidentified objects in the sky near the mutilation site. These saucer- shaped objects, which flashed red, blue and white lights, were also observed by the girl’s parents.

Three days later, during the evening, one of the ranchers whose animals were killed observed an unmarked black helicopter flying over Cucharas Canyon, slowly heading south.

The next evening, the rancher’s house was inexplicably lit up with bright lights. Running to the door to investigate, the rancher saw four large helicopters hovering within 100 feet of his house. These units were flying side by side, slightly staggered, and were using powerful spotlights to sweep the ground in an apparent attempt to locate something, according to published reports.

A neighbor, a former naval aviator, also observed the black helicopters, thus confirming the rancher’s testimony.

On what may or may not be a related note, The Huerfano World Journal newspaper reported that six months before, the sheriff’s department was contacted by the Denver-based FAA Air Traffic Control in regards to an unusual occurrence.

Commercial airplanes flying 32,000 feet over Huerfano County reported being hit by an industrial-level laser. The FAA provided deputies with the location coordinates of the reported laser strikes. A subsequent investigation uncovered nothing unusual — other than the fact the coordinates given are just over a mile from where the August mutilations occurred.

‘Not of this Earth’:

“Whatever is doing it is not from Earth,” said Weston rancher Mike Duran, no stranger to cattle mutilations and UFO sightings. “No predator would be able to take apart any animal with such precision.”

Duran has not only lost cattle through mutilations but has, in both day and nighttime, observed unidentified objects in the sky near his home west of Trinidad. One of these sightings was captured on camera.

“When we blew the picture up, we realized that we had caught the UFO in motion, spinning,” said Duran. “It’s what UFOlogists call the ‘pearl effect.’ ” Duran also related the strange tale of a neighbor, who told him an unexplained light followed his vehicle as it traveled up Colorado 12 from Trinidad.

“It was nighttime and he saw a bright light by the river,” Duran said. “He thought it might be hunters . . . until the light started to travel right beside him.”

As the light followed the frightened man’s car along the highway, his original thought that it might be a helicopter vanished once he determined no sound was audible. This was nothing more than a white globe of light, albeit one with some sort of intelligence.

At the end of his frightful journey, the man was able to get a photograph of this light. When blown up, the photo revealed the light to be a cigar-shaped object, with a pair of exhaust-like stacks on it.

As to the rash of Southern Colorado cattle mutilations that continues unabated — Trinidad-area rancher Tom Miller has been especially hard hit over the past 15 years — Zukowski said human involvement has all but been ruled out.

“Since 1967, when the mutilations first started, law enforcement has looked for human evidence in an attempt to explain them. And to this day, they’ve failed to find any such evidence.”

Zukowski believes that the animals are somehow picked up, taken to another location, cut up and drained of blood, and then dropped back near the pick-up site.

But why, however, seems to be the more perplexing question.

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