The ETH(Extraterrestrial Hypothesis)'s weakness.

Many people use arguments similar to the ones behind the Drake Equation(see Drake equation – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) to “justify” the claim that at least in our Galaxy many inhabited planets similar to Earth should exist, but that assume that many factors in the Drake equation are substantially bigger than zero and that is a really big assumption.

It is really very well understood that the process that lead us here was a long sequence of random events, with the evolutionary natural selection as a driving force, but it can be claimed with certain level of confidence that many past (random)events determined our presence today in our planet, to mention just some of these random events and occurrences lets mention the several past extinction (level) events( see Extinction event – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ), also a very important factor in our presence here is the Moon, Jupiter, the super stable and long constancy of the Sun energy emission, the position of the Sun in our Galaxy, the age of the known Universe, etc. ( see Rare Earth hypothesis – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia).

As any person with just a very superficial knowledge of probability will know the probability of that very long sequence of random events to be duplicated elsewhere is really very low, the more factors that we know to be important for our presence here, the lower the total probability of a similar place elsewhere, so far we only know exactly one place: our precious planet, it is really hard to make any statistical inferences knowing only one sample.

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