UFO Sighting in Crescent City, California on November 10th 2014 – came from direction of moon left wnw 220 degrees

Circular size of half dollar at arms length. White light sharp defined edges. Thick H shaped light with outside edge up to edge of circle. Middle top and bottom of H is black. Leads with one of the two black middle part. I was in back yard with night vision scope looking at sky. It was close came from above redwood trees. Big quiet could see the edges. Could tell the difference between the black of the object and the night. I thought it was not a prop or jet plane, not a balloon, or blimp, not a helicopter, or missile/rocket, or fireworks, or the lighthouse 12 miles away, or the airport light. I don’t know what itt was. Surprised, frozen in place with mouth open. Came from top of trees, to top of trees. I have a sketch but not on my phone.

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