UFO Sighting in Westland, Michigan on November 11th 2014 – It was quiet, then came forward really loud. Heard it for a while as it went

I was sitting in my car facing east. I saw the object as it started coming up over the roofline of houses. It came in closer still and I hesitated running for camera right away I wanted to see what it was going to do. The objet did not just continue toward me it stopped dead in the sky. There was a dark red light on it, it starts pulsing. So I run really fast in the house and down the stairs and in the dark and run back up and out and there’s this loud big thing. It thundered overhead and disappeared from view, but the sound of the thing carried in the wind for a little bit.

I was able to get two videos of it.

The first one is the longer of the two. The focus is off, however there are enough frames that lock on that u can see the more, I would say, triangular shape of the object. And also you see street lamp post in fame. It was pretty low….

The second video is a wide shot. It is a very short clip. freeze frame and zoom analysis..

I have filed one previous sighting with you guys. It was in regards to ORBS OVER D.C. I did a video on them

I have other vids of orbs there is one in particular that I think really needs to be looked at it but unfortunately after I uploaded that one to internet I deleted master but perhaps at some later time someone will want to like to that.

There have been a lot of strange things in the skys around here

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