What if you were wrong and that there was no such thing as aliens, UFOs & abductions?

To those who are firmly convinced that aliens constantly visit the Earth, abduct humans, live among us in disguise, are plotting to rule this planet, conceive hybrids who are half-human half-alien, are conspiring with the US government, or any of these kind of scenarios… And even more importantly to those who believe they have already been personally abducted by aliens…

What if…?


Scenario n°1:

In 200 years, you are still alive thanks to a lot of medical breakthroughs.
The human civilization has evolved a lot.
Thousands of billions of extremely-high-definition cameras have been installed everywhere on Earth. And thousands of gigantic telescopes are orbiting the Earth.
They allow us to see every single weird phenomena in details, and every UFOs have been scientifically proven to be only natural phenomena or man-made objects (meteors, swamp gas, Chinese lanterns, balloons, planes, drones, meteorological phenomena, etc).
Moreover, every single person who claim to have been abducted by aliens are quickly proven to be either schizophrenic or liars, since we also have videos of every single moment of their lives.
Furthermore, our high-tech telescopes allow us to scan every single corners of the galaxy. We can observe distant exoplanets with incredible precision. And there is no trace of extraterrestrial life.


Scenario n°2:

Tomorrow, an alien spaceship suddenly lands on Earth. The aliens show themselves to all of humanity (and they don’t look at all like greys, nordics, reptilians, little green men, tall whites, or any other of those commonly reported alien species).

The aliens explain to all of mankind, with undeniable scientific proofs to back their claims, that:
– no aliens has ever visited the Earth before (they are the first)
– every human who has ever believed that aliens constantly visits the Earth (and have done any of the things mentioned above) are fools who are completely wrong
– humans who believe they have been abducted by aliens are mentally ill and very deranged
The aliens then give us some good advices and then leave Earth peacefully.


In either of these two scenarios: How would you react? Would you accept the truth? Would you accept that you were wrong for your entire life? Would you accept the fact that people who called you crazy were actually right?
And even more difficult for those who believe they have been personally abducted by aliens: Would you accept the truth? Would you accept the fact that your abductions were merely hallucinations? Would you accept the fact that you are mentally ill?


Note: I am not criticizing people who believe in aliens at all (in fact, I personally believe myself). This is only a “what if…”. Maybe you are indeed right and aliens do constantly visit the Earth. But there is also the possibility that you are wrong, and it shall be this possibility that we will discuss in this thread.

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