UFO Sighting in Fort Worth, Texas on November 12th 2014 – Woke up to see distant red and blue lights. Look outside and its at least 300ft away. It was just hovering there. there were at least five other ships spread out around it.

I was in my bed trying to finish a project for school that was due the next day. I look up and see blood red and dark blue lights through the holes in my blinds. I immediately dismiss it thinking it was another airplane passing through. But thirty minutes later, its still there. Me, being my curious self, turn off my lights and look outside. When I see it, my hart catches in my throat. It was really large I could see it clearly. It was a giant silver dome with flashing pink and site lights underneath and on top where the cockpit should be. But where the lights were underneath thew ship, there were long transculent tentacles that would change color. I observed for a few more minutes and saw it looked like it as pulsating with electricity. Waves of pink, blue, green, yellow, and white would ripple throughout the whole body. It would shine and sparkle every time it pulsed with electricity. I stared in awe for what seemed like forever, then realized that it could be an alien ship, and tip toe into my parents room. I show my mother the UFOs, she tells me to get down and get off of Facebook (I was already posting what I drew because I have a crappy phone camera and couldn’t take a photo in the dark.) I’m kinda freaking out with excitement, so I joke about the Nazis coming to get us, and she tells me to go back to sleep its not aliens. Every time I would bring it up, she would berate me. So I lay down awake in cold sweat, too filled with excitement and adrenaline to sleep. Two hours later, they’re still there hovering in their jellyfish craft, but this time its glowing a bright blue, then I hear a deafening hum and it disappears. In Star Wars, when they go into hyperspace, the ship looks like its being stretched out, then they disappear. That’s exactly what this ship did, except left a blue streak behind for the briefest of seconds, then dissipated.

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