UFO Sighting in Wilmington, North Carolina on November 11th 2014 – UFO Martin Luthur King jr Highway

Tuesday 11/11/14 10:55p Wilmington NC: I witnessed a UFO on my way to work, go behind the woods on MLK Jr Highway by the airport. I almost dismissed it as a plane but noticed that this object was circular shaped with multi-colored LED flashing lights all around it. Right now you can go to MLK Jr and see that these lights are still flashing behind the woods. I don���t know if there���s new plane tech being tested or what. This is not a military airspace territory so that theory doesn���t seem to plausible. I do not have any proof to my sighting as I was driving to work already late. From the angle it came I could tell it was large but couldn’t judge the size of the craft. I felt calm at first then a little uneasy when I got to work. I told my Co-worker about it and she and her friend said they were going to investigate it. I lost sight of the object behind the woods but could still see visible continuous pulsating of lights.

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