Alien Encounter in Taylor, Michigan on April 30th 1974 – It was a dark, gunmetal grey cylinder with a red light hovering vertically in my bedroom.

This was a repeated event that occurred to me from age 8 to 13. It always happened late at night and no one would wake up to hear me cry. I shared a room with three other siblings, all under the age of 10. No pets at that time.

I would awaken to a creeped~out feeling, like something was watching me that wanted to hurt me. My bedroom door would silently open, and then I would hear a soft hissing noise and this 3ft tall, vertical cylinder with a glowing red light approx 3″ from the top would hover there, acting like it was studying me. The light *felt* malevolent; it was a dark red instead of what you would normally expect a light to be. By this time, I’m terrified and have pulled the covers over my head. I can feel it drift close to me and then I black out.

This would repeat several times a week, more or less, until I turned 13. The last time it showed, I was still terrified but also angry. As it approached me, I finally became angry enough to mentally shout, “LEAVE ME ALONE!!!! It then disappeared, without me blacking out and to my knowledge has not returned, though I still get the creeped~out feelings occasionally, the most notable being in 1993 while I was living in Grand Rapids, MI.

Has anyone else had an experience like this? I very much would like some answers. Thanks.

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