UFO Sighting in West Springfield, Massachusetts on November 12th 2014 – I noticed ourside my apt. one night a beaming light that began to come closer to me and follow me outside my housel

I was outside my house about three weeks ago at night in my back yard a bright light began moving toward me. If I moved, it moved, as if following me every where I walked to.
I saw it a couple of other times, and it did the same thing.
At first I just thought that it was a star.
Then last night, I was coming home from a walk and it started to get dark outside. There were no stars in sky except for this starlight object, a bright light as if it were twinkling, and doing some kind of activity.
When I walked down the street I noticed it was above me. So I decided to go back home. It then Began to follow me home. It did the same thing tonight. I tried to take a picture of it and my phone cell went dead.
Tonight the same thing happened, but I did manage to take a picture of it. I was unable to upload it.
I told two of my neighbors, and they said they saw it too, and how it was following me when I walked away from them.
It seemed to be radiating like a star only was bigger, and very bright with a shadow like figure around it. It also seemed to be twinkling heavily.
It really concerned me when I realized it was following me, and came out more each time I walked. Again, my neighbors witnessed this tonight as well.
It always appears at night when I am outside my house.

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