UFO Sighting in Las Vegas, Nevada on November 13th 2014 – Ufo with blue lights changed directions several times, then hovered, then disappeared

I was on my front porch talking with a friend on the cell when I noticed an object with very bright, pulsating blue lights move from E to NW. Then it went back and forth a few times which seemed a strange thing to happen so I ended my phone call and started to video it. Kelly drove up with dinner right in the middle of this and also saw it. He was concerned I would step in the glass on the sidewalk, sorry for all the talking on the video! I lost sight of the object when an airplane flew close to it. You can see in the video that the blue light goes out right when the airplane comes near. Kelly did look for it as he drove towards it but was unable to see anything because of the bright lights from two public parks near our home.

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