UFO Sighting in Port Angeles, Washington on November 13th 2014 – it was a green light it just appeared and made a Z like pattern then took off straight up and disappeared

I was leaving my friends house i got on my car it was dark out after i started my car i was looking straight ahead and that’s when i seen this green light coming out from the tree tops it shot straight up i thought it was a a roman candle fireworks but o was wanting for more to go up and there was nothing.after driving home and a few hours later i went out side for a smoke and again i for some reason I looked up and seen the same green light it was there and did the same Z formation i could see the Z pattern left in the sky for 2 seconds then went straight up and disappeared.im scared for someone to see the same object a few hours apart and 7-8 miles from where you seen the first sighting it makes me feel like it followed me home.i dont understand how something can be in front of you one second and gone the next

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