UFO Sighting in Tennessee on November 9th 2014 – waiting to start work. Seen flash in sun set. raised phone and took pic. Caught it on my phone.

Sitting at outside table at work. It was an awesome sun set. I wanted a pic of it. I seen a bright flash of light and looked up to the sky and seen something going crazzy up there. Up, down, sideways. I pointed my phone in its direction and took a pic. When I lowered my phone, it was gone. I reviewed my pics and to my amazement, I had it on my phone. Looks like it split into 2 different objects. It left a smoke trail behind. From an eyes point of view, it looks like a little silver line. The sun was bright and caused it to reflect flashes. I felt good about it. Not the first thing I ever seen up there but this time I had a way to photograph it. See what you think.

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