Black Triangle Sighting in West Seneca, New York on November 14th 2014 – Heard a loud low hum overhead, saw large triangular ufo with two amber lights. Hovered, cloaked, shot forward fast.

I was getting into my car. I heard a low loud hum. I looked up in the direction I heard the noise. Above the power lines I saw a huge dull gun metal grey triangular boomerang shaped flying object. Each wing had a light of amber like red. It hovered momentarily, cloaked…meaning all I could see were the lights and a shape that blocked the stars as it sped off at a high rate of speed. This all happened in about a minute. It was not a plane. It was 3x the size of a low flying plane. Before I got into my car I noticed about 4 helicopters circling in the area, which is not an abnormal event around here.

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